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Defending Northeast Wisconsin

With Election Day fast approaching, I took the time to reflect this morning. I thought about all of the great people I’ve had the privilege to meet. All the love and support shown by friends throughout Northeast Wisconsin.When meeting with voters this year I was always asked, “Why did you decide to run for State Senate?” It was clear to me why I want to be your State Senator, but much harder to explain. When I am asked this question I try to answer it with just a few reasons, but I have another thousand in mind. Plainly, I want to be your State Senator because I want to represent you and your values.

When I joined the U.S. Marines, I had that same goal in mind. It was an opportunity to serve my community and my nation. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States then and I continue that oath as I uphold the sixth amendment in the court room as a defense attorney. My opponent has made horrible accusations against me and my role in representing my clients. He either doesn’t understand the judicial process or he clearly doesn’t value our constitutional rights.

My opponent and I have different ideas about what is best for Northeast Wisconsin and how we would advocate for our community in Madison. I acknowledge that not everyone supports the same ideas, but that very difference is is what makes American democracy and our elections so incredible. We have the ability to vote for the person we believe will represent us best.

I’m your neighbor from DePere. I worked in a factory in Green Bay, driven an orange truck for Schneider, and bartended so I could pay my way through school. My law practice is in downtown Green Bay and my family and I have run our small candy shoppe in Lakewood for the past 30 years. I understand our local economy and what it takes to keep small businesses thriving. I’ve been around the world, shared conversations and stories with many different cultures and people, and I always came back with a new appreciation for Northeast Wisconsin. Back to my home.

Why should you elect me Senator? I believe I would serve our community effectively as your Senator. I have the experience, knowledge, and background to move us forward. I will fight for you and for our Northeast Wisconsin values down in Madison.

As you head to the polls tomorrow, remember that Wisconsin Wins With Wimberger!

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